Joomla Bible Study 9 is here

Today, we're pleased to announce a new beta release of the Joomla Bible Study component, 6.2.0 beta 2.  This version of the component is in pre-production status, so please don't install it on a live site. We'd be delighted if installed it and report any bugs on the forum for 6.2.

Download {phocadownload view=file|id=75|text=6.2 beta 2|target=s}.

Note:  Please only install on a test server and be prepared to remove this installation and all the tables because the final release version won't install properly otherwise.

Below is a list of the new features and some bug fixes:

  • Display Templates - Customize your display fully - use a combination of HTML and Database Tags to format your display in an endless number of ways
  • Landing Page - A landing page - like - out of the box.
  • Blog-Style Tagging - Assign as many categories to a study as you want.
  • Custom Date Formatting - Style the date however you want.
  • Chapter Filtering - Additional filter drop-down for filtering studies by chapter
  • Copy Templates
  • Fixed custom series_text now works
  • New mp3 player
  • Track hits to media downloads
  • New installation routine
  • Improvements to the Teachers pages
  • Control Panel with access to admin areas and statistics
  • New Popular Study drop down for studieslist
  • Podcasting: Now choose multiple podcasts for each media file
  • Show only the download icon for a media file
  • Ability to add multiple items to a filter ie: several teachers or books on the admin side
  • Reset plays and download records
  • Fixed default ordering by date on studieslist
  • New ways to sort the serieslist