Joomla Bible Study 9 is here

The Joomla Bible Study team is proud to announce the release of JBS 6.2.0 Release Candidate 1.

Find the component here: {phocadownload view=file|id=79|text=6.2 RC 1|target=s}

Find the module here: {phocadownload view=file|id=80|text=6.2 RC 1|target=s}

6.2 is a major step forward in the component. You may install this version on production servers, however you should keep close watch on this website for updates to fix minor bugs. We may go through several RC versions before releasing a stable version.

  • This new version includes user-defined templates for most views.
  • You can enter your own html. It features a new internal media player and support for All Videos plugin.
  • A new installation routine is smoother.
  • A new view: Landing Page. This view was created by Kyle Holder and is an overview or picture of your studies and a great way for users to find what they are looking for quickly. 
  • We now track downloads, hits (views of study details) and plays of audio and video
  • New drop down for popular studies so users can quickly see your popular studies/sermons
  • Blog-Style Tagging - Assign as many categories to a study as you want.
  • Custom Date Formatting - Style the date however you want.
  • Chapter Filtering - Additional filter drop-down for filtering studies by chapter
  • Copy Templates
  • Fixed custom series_text now works
  • New internal audio/video player
  • Improvements to the Teachers pages
  • Control Panel with access to admin areas and statistics
  • Podcasting: Now choose multiple podcasts for each media file
  • Show only the download icon for a media file
  • Ability to add multiple items to a filter ie: several teachers or books on the admin side
  • Reset plays and download records
  • Fixed default ordering by date on studieslist
  • New ways to sort the serieslist
  • Data validation for some fields (to make sure that item won't break)
Please note: Version 6.2.x will be the last version of JBS for Joomla 1.5. With Joomla 1.6 just around the corner, the Joomla Bible Study team will now focus on a version for Joomla 1.6. Rest assured, we will still release minor versions (.x) for bug fixes, but all new features will be included in a Joomla 1.6 version of JBS (Version 7.x.x).


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