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The Media Files Tab allows the user to associate a media file with a study.  There may be multiple media files associated with one study.

  • Click on the Media Files Tab.
  • On this screen, you may click on the desired icon - delete, publish, unpublish, edit or new.
  • Columns may be sorted by clicking on the column heading name.

diagram: media-1
  1. Player: Choose one of the options from the drop-down menu.
  • Direct link to file will open and play the media file in the current window.
  • Use internal mp3 player will  ************* do what?
  • Use AllVideos Reloaded will play the media file using AVR (note: you must have the component AllVideos Reloaded installed in your Joomla installation) is this a true statement? Also, you must insert the appropriate code in #9 AllVideos Reloaded.

2. Published: Choose yes to have this media file appear with the study listing.

3. Create Date: Date will appear automatically.

  • You may enter a different date if you choose.
  • You may click on the calendar to choose a date
  • Entering the hours, minutes and seconds are optional.
  • Dates must appear in the format YYYY-MM-DD so a date such as May 30, 2010 should be entered as 2010-05-30.

4. Study: Click on the drop-down arrow to choose which study to associate with this media file.  Helpful note:  You must have previously entered a study name to associate a file.  You may save this media file entry without a study name, go back and add the study and return to associate the media with the study.  The media file will not appear on the front end until a study is associated with it.

Order: Enter the order in which this media file should appear in relation to other media files associated with the same study.  Note:  The order may not be changed when entering a new study, but can be changed in the EDIT mode.

6. Use DocMan: Optional. DocMan must be previously installed in the Joomla installation. DocMan is a document management system which allows easy upload and management of files across multiple categories.  See DocMan's website at for more information

7. Use Article: Optional. This media file can contain a link to a previous posted article in Joomla's content management.  Choose the appropriate section and the available categories and article names will appear.

8. Use VirtueMart: Optional. VirtueMart must be previous installed in the Joomla installation. VirtueMart offers a shopping cart/ecommerce ability if desired. See VirtueMart's website at for more information.





All Videos Reloaded: Optional. Before putting any coding in this entry, the setting for #1 - Player must be set to Use AllVideos Reloaded.  Clicking on the AVR Media button will allow choice of the appropriate coding to insert.  For further information, see All Videos' website at

10. Image: Select an image for the media type.  This image will appear as an icon on the front-end allowing users to see what types of media are available for each study.

11.  Filesize: Optional. Enter the filesize in bytes.  Click on the converter to change from Mb to bytes.



12.  Server:
Select the desired server from the drop down list.  Please see the Server Guide for more Information.

13.  Path or Folder: Select the desired server from the drop down list.  Please see the Server Folder Guide for more Information.

14.  Filename: Enter the name of the media file.  It is very important that this is entered exactly.  Missing even a single character will cause the program to fail to play/open the file.

15.  Upload File: Optional. Browse to choose the filename to upload.  Please note that some files may be too large to upload via this screen and must be uploaded via ftp.

16.  Target: Optional. Enter _self, or _blank to set the target window for opening the file.


17.  Podcast:
Optional. Select a podcast from the drop-down list.  Podcasts must have been previously entered through the Podcast Tab.  See the Podcast Guide for more information.

18. Choose Mime Type: Optional. Select a mime type from the drop-down list.  Mime types must have been previously entered through the Mime Type Tab - although it is worth noting that many types come pre-installed with the Bible Study component.  See the Mime Type Guide for more information.

19.  Show Download Icon: Choosing YES will place an icon on the studies list which allows users to download the media.  Choosing NO mean the icon will not appear and the only option available to users is to listen/view the media on the website.

20.  Comment: Optional. Comments entered here will appear on the front end when users place their cursor over the media icons.











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