Joomla Bible Study 9 is here

We Need Your Help!

The Bible Study component version 6.1 is here. We need assistance in updating or creating translation files for this new version. If you can help, please contact the author and download a translation file. Be sure to ask first, as there may be someone else already working on your language. Maybe you could team up?

So what about version 6.1? We are very excited about this new release. We were working hard on it for nearly a year. There are tons of new features and the component has been radically redesigned on the backend to be more stable and faster loading. Click here to find the translation files.

Some big changes include:

  • All styling done through editable css files
  • Templates on the backend that hold all data parameter settings. You can create as many template as you like
  • New Series view

Please consider helping out in the translations. Thanks!


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