Joomla Bible Study 9 is here

Changelog 7.0.0 to 7.0.1


Embed Code: You can now add embed codes to a media file record. So, for instance, you can get the embed code for your YouTube video and simply paste that code into the mediacode field in a mediafile. This currently only works in popup mode.

Bug Fixes:

Lack of Scripture: If you called for a details view to have a Bible reference but didn't supply one, a failed query could cause the page not to load. We added an error check to avoid this.

Topics: Topics translation has been a problem with Joomla 1.7. This version copies the topics out of the current studies table and adds them to the studytopics table. What does this mean? You should only add topics with the topics table, there is no way to add topics with text. We are working on this problem.

Download button does not work: This has been fixed.

Ordering and sorting: There were problems in the backend sorting some of the views. This has been addressed.

Default podcast: You could set a default podcast in the Administration view, but it didn't show up in the mediafile record. This has been addressed.

Teacher List: The teacher list form was redirecting to the wrong view. This has been fixed.

Reset Hits/Plays: This function was not working. It has been fixed.

Filters in the template settings and in the menu generation do not work: This has been addressed so that filtering by teacher or book, etc, in a menu item now works.

Show unless filtered: These were not working but now are.

Podcast writexml: This function was not operating correctly and was making links to the index.php page rather than a the details view. This has been fixed.

CSS edit: The functions associated with reseting or backup were not working. These now work correctly. We also added a Restore function that restores the css file that was backed up.

New media images: New default images for the different media types are now used, including a new download icon.