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List of Changes Made During the 7.X Version of Joomla Bible Study

TOPIC: Changelog 7.0.4 to 7.1.0

Changelog 7.0.4 to 7.1.0 #3532

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Joomla Bible Study 7.0.4 to 7.1.0


Joomla! Bible Study 7.1.0 reflects a major improvement in the most flexible and powerful church sermon display component for Joomla! Our developers have worked very hard to improve speed, installation and migration, customization, and flexibility. In this change-log we will discuss three areas: Bug Fixes, Enhancements, and New Features

Bug Fixes

Teacherimage to custom and drop downs now work

Fixed use of teacherthumbnail in the custom fields and in the drop downs.

Teacher ordering

Fixed ordering of teachers correctly in the teachers list

Series Text in study detail view

Fixed a bug that prevented the series text from appearing in the study details view

Pagination does not work on second page of studies list

Bug fixed that kept pagination working after going to a second page of results on the studieslist (now called “sermons”)

Internal Player not rendering HTML5

We have added code so that the player will attempt to use html5 tags

Message Type Ordering

Message type ordering in administration screen now works

Import of an older version db does not show error

If you tried to import an older version (pre 7.x) there was no error reported, but the install would not be successful. This has been fixed and moved to migration.

Shares and Series Ordering

The ordering of series and social media shares now operates normally

Fixed Migration importing

We have fixed the migration system to allow for all version before the current version. it will check to see if the version is not a backup. ( we are working on a new version that will merge the import and migration into one system)

Fixed Date on font-end rendering in the right timezone

Fixed table rendering errors on views font-end

Site was not compliant with w3c rendering so needed to be updated to help speed up the websites.

Fixed Error with no records in trash state for MediaImages

Fixed Scripture2 rendering out as Scripture1 under the listing page

New Features

Popup Screen before downloads

We have added a feature to the download function. In the Template Display Settings under General Settings, you can now add text to a popup window that informs customers something about the download they are about to do, then provides a way for them to download from the popup. This might be terms and conditions or an encouragement to donate.
Use Contacts Information for Teacher

Instead of having to reenter all of the teacher information in JBS, you can now simply choose to use a Contact instead. For those items not included in Contacts, you can fill those items in the teacher form in JBS.
Book and Chapter in Podcast

You can now have your podcast give the book and chapter

Latest Study

There is now a menu item called “Latest” that will automatically determine the last study published and link to it. So you can have a menu item that will always point to the newest study
Access Control for Series

Like with studies, you can now control who can view individual series

Alias Creation

There is now a one-click link to create alias entries for all studies that do not have an alias. You get to this from the Administration tab under Administrative Parameters

Bible Passage Display

Prior to 7.1.x you could show only the ESV as the passage in a show/hide at the bottom of the study details view (now “sermon” view). We have integrated BibleGateway into the component itself so now you can choose from a large variety of versions to show either as the traditional show/hide, a popup window, or always show. See the Study Details tab under Template Display Settings.

Custom Templates

Prior to 7.1.x you could either use the stock templates that came with the component, or create your own in a field in the Template Display Settings – a template that was very limited in its capability. In 7.1.x we have added the ability to create an unlimited number of customized templates for each view and the module. Creating these templates requires some php knowledge but we have tried to make accessing the data from JBS easier by creating a $this->page array that contains many of the elements you can use on your custom pages. The views are edited within the Joomla admin and stored in the database, which writes the actual php file upon save. To use the custom template you create it, then choose it from the list in the Template Display Settings. Here you also choose the custom css file (more on that in a second). There is an extensive help page that shows you all of the possible data fields available in the view you choose. You can also export your template, template files, and css into a single sql file and share that on the JoomlaBibleStudy.org website. We’ll review and make them available to others who can import your files and styles, then customize them to their needs.

Custom CSS

Like template files, you can now also create an unlimited number of css files. When you click new – a default css is loaded that you can then change and save. You would use this from the Template Display Settings in conjunction with custom template files (if you choose).
Changes to the Landing Page

The Landing Page now has a dual way of operating. In the Template Display Settings under Landing Page you can use the limits before the "more" button as in JBS versions prior to 7.1.x. Or you can set most of the items (teachers, locations, series, message types) to show based on settings in the individual records.

In each of those records you set whether to 1) not show on Landing Page, 2) show above the "more" button, or 3) show below the "more" button.
Support for Video Widget from YooTheme

If you use the Widgetkit from YooTheme, you can show videos with this widget in studies.

All Admin Views Now show ID

You can now see the id number of the row for each of the views on the admin side.

Sorting of Landing Page Items

You can now choose to sort descending or ascending for items on the Landing Page. This is set in the menu item for Landing Page. The following fields sort can be set: Series, Books, Teachers, Years, Topics, Locations, Messagetypes.
More Elements Available to the popup header and footer

We have added teacher image, series text and series image to popup view header and footer. Also we’ve made it so the header and footer can take any html code.
Auto Start of Media Files

You can now set whether a media file autostarts or not. You can set this in the Template or in an individual media file.
Media Player Now Supports iPad(HTML5) and fallback to FLASH

The internal media player now supports iPad(HTML5) and FLASH


Added css to teacher lists

Prior to 7.1.x not all of the items between the teachers list and teacher details were unique so changing one css tag changed it in both views. We have now split the teacher view and list css tags.
Show only books

In the Template Display Settings under Study List you can now choose three ways to show books: Book + chapter, Book plus chapter and verses, or only Book name.
Refactoring admin and front end views

In order to follow Joomla’s pluralization schema we have renamed most back and front end views. This effects the front end menus. For instance, you might have a menu item with the url index.php?option=com_biblestudy&view=studieslist. In JBS 7.1.x the view name has been changed to sermons. During installation we go through and change your menu items to the new views, but it would be good to check.
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