What is Joomla Bible Study?

logoBible Study is a Joomla!® 2.5, and 3.x component written by a team of webservants to further the teaching of God's Word. The component displays information about your church's Bible Studies or sermons in a wide variety of ways. JBS is flexible, customizable, and powerful. Easy to configure templates give you the maximum amount of choices. Show only what you want in whatever way you want.

Embed YouTube videos, play audio, show study notes - even create your own html display pages. You can have multiple locations, series, podcasting, and sharing with social media sites. Please see the example pages for just some of what Bible Study can do for your church - and the best part is the component is completely free. Support is top notch, and also free. Bottom line: we want to help you spread the gospel.

Want to help out developing Joomla Bible Study? Just request to join the project.

Translating with JoomFish

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Note: JoomFish 2.x or higher is required

If you haven't done so already, download the JoomFish Content Elements addon:

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Be sure to install this from the JoomFish Content Element installer (Components->JoomFish->Content Elements)

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